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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Christine sent me this link that has this photo at the bottom. Is that not another perfect picture for this blog??? [There 64 ideas on what to use extra bits of batt for, they are looking for more ideas folks, so send them yours]

Steph, who was sick with a virus-throat-thing over the weekend was much better Monday a.m. so she got herself off to school. [she gargled with salt water and ate popcicles all weekend] She had a chemistry test to take, said she thinks she did ok with it BTW, but the point I am fiddley farting to get around to is.....Her teacher told her he was very proud of her...she is the ONLY girl in the WHOLE school taking AP Chemistry!!!!!!!! [college level class in HS]

Hard to believe, but I do have 2 other children. Ashley gets mentioned here now and then, she is my Target Girl. She has a job at Target and just keeps getting promoted, and gets 'good for you' cards from higher-uppers, and even gifts from them for her good work. She even got a compliment from some really high-higher-ups one day. She has also made some great friends there and has accuired quite a social life. [during high school she had a best friend who really keptAshley from having a more active social time, the friend wanted Ashley's attention on her 25/8.]
And then there is Ben. My oldest. He is also a very smart cookie, like his little sister, but he chose other paths than college. He has been in the Army [many of his buddies have been killed in Iraq]. He is a certified Car Stereo Installer Dude [it even says so on the paperwork]. He is a daddy to Megan, who gets mentioned here lots!!!!!!!!! And he is learning to be a husband to Kacie, Megans cute mama. [being a spouse is a learning thing!]

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