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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nesting Robin update

I have the applique done on the center area of Cam's, Reading With Grandma..... And Megan's, Reading With GG, since thats what she calls all her grandmas. The 'ringlet' is crochet, and I need to brush on some yellow paint to match her yellow head. Like the kid climbing over the back of the couch? The black print is the book.
My hands for The Kissing Hand. My mom saw the outline on the paper and said, "Thats your hand Vicky" "How can you tell that, Mom?" "Your thumb"as she stuck her own out, "has always curved that far back." That was a very nice Mom Moment for sure.
And here is the Raccoon face I am using. I started to do all the white as seperate pieces, then decided that was dumb.....not to mention doing it this way gives me a whole surface area for the face since I am not sewing it to the background just yet. I am hoping to get all the clues worked on before adding them all to the background fabrics that you see above.
And last but not least....Christine let me keep my test pattern of GG and Megan! Isn't that sweet of her? She also came up with this idea for framing them, using another of her patterns. Clever woman that Christine! The bg is a dark green, not sure if I want that, but it was there on my table....


  1. I can send you some more of the blue background fabric.

  2. Oh Christine I can't let you do that, expecially since I haven't decided how to arrange them in the circle...tho I do like the simple way you did yours....