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Friday, August 10, 2007


Pay It Forward. This was mailed today. Click to see the cat
hair that I brushed off after the photo's were taken....and to see the beads. I used the leaves print and the chipmunk print I showed ya'll a couple of weeks ago. The center area is one larger print piece I have had for awhile. I look for things with pine cones in them.Don't make this picture larger, my machine quilting sucks.
I love this corner....see the bead in the leaves? That is a Zodiac Sign bead I got at Shipwreck Beads, the one for Capricorn, of which I am one. I extended part of it to complete a J, so it is VJ, my maiden initials. I have been using this siggy for at least 35 years.
and in the first picture is a shot of my one and only garden success for 2007, a marigold.

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