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Friday, August 10, 2007

Flashback Friday

Since I have been on the subject of pine and the needles they make, I thought I would share something you can make from the needles the pine trees make...say that fast more than once.
My MIL made these baskets [my hand for size ref] and I realize it's not a very good picture, but....The basket I made is still put away, I will show it off later....way later. I actually took a class on Pine Needle Basket Making from a local lady in Sierra City, long ago. You have to boil the needles first [ones you gather yourself] and boy did that mess up my allergies, because of course I boiled them in the house. [If I ever do it again, I will do it outside on the grill or campstove.] Then you need to keep the needles wet as you work on the basket. The hard part was pulling the thread tight enough. .

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