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Friday, August 24, 2007

Flashback Friday

When Stephanie was a toddler, my FIL's dog, Rocky, accidentally knocked Steph off the deck. Luckily she got caught by the rose bush that grew there.Unfortunately, the rose bush had huge thorns, one of which sliced open Stephs chin. She carries the scar of it to this day....ok, so this picture of her chin is 2 days old.

I know the picture of the rose is not a flattering one for the rose, but Dan and I happened to be over at "the other house" on Monday, snooping around, and when I saw the rose I just had to take it for posterity.

And on the other side of the vase, we have a Sunflower from E.WA, where they grow everywhere. And a spray of Kerria from the bush "at the other house".
[the 'other house' refers to the trailer we lived in before moving here, all can be found under the tag 'joys of moving']

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