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Friday, August 24, 2007

2 Story Dog Bed

Little did we know when we bought this chair, how convenient the dogs would find it. [notice it's covered with a gray sheet!]I want to make a Megan applique that includes her ringlet. She has this one ringlet of hair hanging down below all the other curls, that I need to take a picture of. Anyway, I want to have the curl be 3-D, so I broke out the crochet hooks and various threads [and 1 yarn to experiment with] The 'final ringlet' is a tan DMC Perle cotton which I plan to brush paint onto to make it more least that is the plan. I do have more thread if I screw it up. The pic below is to show how the camera focused on what it wanted to...the green green grass.


  1. That photo with your caption on the dogs is hilarious. Even my DH laughed. My camera will do that, too, if I forget to change some setting or other - I forget a lot. =)

  2. Why thanky Miz Susan. Page, the white dog, likes it up there also because she is short and she can see better from the higher look-out.