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Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Camping Adventures

According to the girlies, there are Meese [my mothers word for Moose-plural] all over the place, but this is the only one they photo-ed.

And a close up of this pretty moose. Reminds me of Jane Sassaman's work

Palouse Falls, WA
I love that the girlies added the sunflowers in this shot, since they are all over the place too.
The pictures don't show the lovely green the lower pool is, according to the girlies.
Above--- this interesting formation is to the left of the falls at the top.
Below---this is the pool above the falls.


  1. What gorgeous pictures of the falls! If we go back to Washington, we have to visit them. That moose is a real beauty, too. Art! =)

  2. Warning tho, the girls say it's a long, 4 hours?, boring drive to get there and back to...busy-ness maybe? And they passed a dried up little town that reminded them of many a horror movie.