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Monday, July 16, 2007

Tale Of A Bridge

Once Upon a Time, a bridge was built across some water, where they are usually built.Then not long after it was done, a big wolf came and he blew, and he blew, and he blew the bridge down.
So another bridge was built, and the wolf couldn't blow this one down, so he invited all he friends to come live on the "Peninsula".

And those wolves invited more friends until a second bridge had to be built so all those wolves could get to work every day!
The third bridge is now open for business.
And got lots publicity.


  1. I had a friend on the Kitsap and she was talking about this bridge 3 years ago! That took a while!

    I thought about tagging you for the meme, but I thought I remembered you saying you didn't like doing them. However, I'd be thrilled to read your answers, if you wanted to do it. =)

  2. hehe...I am on the Kitsap side of the bridge too!!! The construction changed the look of the area every time I saw it, which wasn't often, but it was enough to keep me interested. [i don't go across to tacoma very often]