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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Flashback Friday {on saturday}

My sons birthday is this next week, so 25 years ago, I was very pregnant. "Summer" didn't really kick in until July 4, and I worked thru that holiday, then gave it up for nesting. I lived in Sierra City and worked at the Yuba River Inn. But not in the

winter...we would close for the winter, but I guess they stay open now. I was the maid. Head Housekeeper, actually. Most years, the ONLY housekeeper! I worked there for 8 years, before and after Ben was born.

This house is new, well, since I moved to WA state. You can see the roof to "my house" on the left, the white spot behind this one. This was an empty lot.This is the post office in town....but I am showing you this for the view of the Sierra Buttes....I had that view from my kitchen window! I even had trees on either side of it.

Here is a close up of that the Indian Face....I never could 'see' it when I lived there.
Anyway, after I stopped working for the rest of the summer, I would sit on the front porch of the local store, on a bench with Bob, for awhile in the mornings. Bob was a summer visitor everyone knew. I made him nervous, he thought I would POP any minute.
The post office is on the up side of the store, which is the red building with the porch.

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  1. How funny! Every time it's one of my sons' birthdays, I, too, sit and think about where I was then. =) This looks like a wonderful small town, with beautiful views.