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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thin Fabric

I love this print...I got here
But it's not a very good fabric. It's thin, not thick like this one of the fish.
I have also had cutting trouble with it....I cut it all wrong, so stitch me.
I ordered more. I cut into the new chunk, and then needed the first chunk to complete the second-chunk-cut.....I had forgotten I had washed the first chunk, but not the second. The shrinkage is alot! almost 3 inches.
And I am having trouble sewing it. Oh well, I will do what I can with it and see if enough of it works in the pattern [one block wonder-stack n whack like the fish fabric] and if not, I have a lot of wide strips I can combine with something else to make a striped quilt. Simple.
BTW....this faish fabric is awesome to work with, thick and workable.


  1. Love that fish fabric! That should make a great stack 'n whack.

  2. the fish does make a great s-'n'-w! i have the top done and am now working on the borders....of the fish quilt, not the leaf print.