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Friday, June 22, 2007

Flashback Friday

Where's the Bear? There's the Bear!
One summer in the late 1960's, Mom, Dad and I went camping in
I know there are some wonderful sights there, but here is what I remember the most.....the campfire smoke in Tuolumne Meadows.
Getting sick to my stomach and sleeping in the station wagon with mom.
Thats about it.

I was told....I missed the Bear.
Mom was disturbed by something, looked out the car window, and saw a Bear poking his head into the tent where Dad slept. [old, old tent, no zippers]
Then the Bear ambled over to the car and looked in the window, after rooting around the picnic table, of course. Mom was to worried about me waking up to piss her pants, or we both would have.
I believe Dad slept thru the whole thing.

I know I did!


  1. What a picture - I presume not taken by your mom! It's interesting to see that the bear has learned how to get into a tote!

  2. the bear picture was from the yosemite website. a friend went there, oh years ago now, and the rangers warn everyone evtering the part that the bears can read 'coleman' and 'igloo'