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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Day....Sad Moment

Happy Fathers Day
Dan got breakfast made for him by his girlies.
Ok, the girlies are 19 and 16, safe to let loose in the kitchen,
older than the word "girlies" implys.
Ben came by, our number one son.
Ok, he's our only son, sheesh.....can I get on with this?
During the visit he mentioned Iraq.
Men he knew who had died these last several weeks, there in Iraq.
Men he was in the Army with, stationed here in Washington State at Fort Lewis.
Men he knew who are on the injured list.
Men he would have been along side of when the tank got blown away.
The tank he should have been in.
I cried. I am crying now.

1 comment:

  1. But he wasn't there, and it didn't happen, and you are a fortunate mom!

    And you have that little cutie, Megan, to play with, too. I just saw the pics of her doing her makeup. What a little doll!