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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Too Funny

Christine left a comment asking how many Christines do I know? Off hand I can think of 3, but 2 of them are cyber friends, does that count Christine? Ahhhh, but which Christine am I asking the question of? No wonder she got confused....I am confused now too.

Ok, I can clear this up....It was Christine, the FlippyQuilter, who "tagged" me. Does that help Christine?

Christine #2 is the talented designer of the Wedding Ring Circles Done Easy Pattern. {that poor pattern, I give it a new name everytime I mention it, it probably has an identity crisis going on}
This is the Christine who asked how many Christines do I know. She also commented that if I tagged her, she might be able to think of 7 interesting things about herself, if she spend HOURS thinking about it. I think don't think she is being kind to herself. I can think of a few things, and I don't know her in person!
1. She's a quilter. 2. She designs paper piece patterns. 3. She lives in a Crooked Little House that sits on stilts. 4. She lives on an island.

Click on the link to see her house, it is awesome!

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