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Saturday, May 19, 2007


Oh my golly gee willikers...what the flipin' blazes are "willikers" anyway???? did I spell it right? do you care?

Where was I...oh yeah. I got tagged. I have to go see what I'm supposed to say here....BRB...Ok, I'm back. So 7 interesting things about me

1. I have never been tagged.

2. I am a woman.

3. I am a loving woman.

4. I am a medicated woman.

5. I am medicated for Panic Attacks, those things that "are all in your head" the doctor said. True. But he didn't have to be a schmutz about it.

6. I am finally a happy woman.

7. I enjoy looking for fleas on my cats....oh wait, this is supposed to be about "INTERESTING" things about me, not "WEIRD", "oh dang", as Larry The Cable Guy says in Cars, themovie.

Does this work for you Christine???


  1. Thank you! I liked that you shared! Fleas ... mmmm... too funny.

  2. How many Christines do you know? I'm game if it is me. I am sure that if I think for hours and hours I can think of almost seven "interesting" things.

  3. #5. Yeah, he did. He's a man.

  4. Susan my mother still goes to that doctor....he drives me crazy! I don't trust anything he tells her, I just figure it's his ego!