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Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Sewing Area.

Here is my newly improved ironing board, my son Ben fixed it up for me for Mothers Day. I recycled the cotton batt stuff that came on the original board and covered it with new silver iron board cover fabric, 1/2 a yard. See how neatly it fits under my sewing table???

And my new shelving for my fabric 'buckets', which are really the shoe box size. I know, I have 3 different styles of box and the one on the top doesn't count. Every time I needed new boxes, I couldn't find the same ones I started with. Go Figure. BUT....the different sizes fit the shelves better, as you can see.

As for the pink shelf, not sure where that will end up, but I do know it needs more interesting containers for the 'stuff'. The rulers are 'in' a napkin holder Dan made eons ago. [dan is my sweetiepie]
And this....look at that huge empty space!! I am working on filling it, don't you worry none. I am thinking about another shelf of some sort, with baskets on it. I have a few Pine Needle baskets my MIL made, and they deserve to be displayed!!! the vase in the far left corner is filled with knitting needles and rolls of...fuse stuff I think. I don't knit, but I wanted to keep all my moms needles.


  1. Your sewing room looks great! I like your solution to an ironing board.

  2. Looking great. I love the ironing board on wheels

  3. I love the ironing board. That's the kind I have in the 5th wheel, only mine is actually board shaped. I think I will have to have DH make a new one for me, and just use the legs off the old one. I love that teflon stuff. I've just about ironed through mine. Time to recover!

    Who cares if the baskets are different kinds? Do they hold the fabric? That's the only important question. =)

  4. What about a design wall in that empty space? Or do you have one already?

  5. Susan I don't think I want the design wall over my table....I'm pretty short. LOL

    I have had several versions of design wall over the years. And I have just had an idea, thank you. I think I will try to use the space behind the bedroom door. I will have to look at that!

  6. I think your sewing room looks great. The rolling ironing surface is a neat idea.
    My sewing room is very small and very messy. My cutting table is in another room entirely.
    I hope to get inspired and motivated soon.