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Saturday, May 05, 2007

I'm Stacked

Well at least my stash is. Why? You say.
Because I needed to remove the mismatched bookcases that were in this corner and replace them with the table...well actually, both tables. Sweets made them for me! They have waterproof stuff on top, something like lino you can put on your counter tops. Now I need matching shelves for the stash. The cat is RocketMan waiting to be ironed.
Bonus spot...a dog house! My other dog, the white one, [this is Abby] likes to sleep in our room at night on her own bed. We also use a fan [white noise] at night, so I have to arrange Pages bed so it's out of the 'draft'. When we brought this table in, Abby went right into the space to check it out. It's perfect! I don't have to put buckets back there that I would fight to get out, but the space isn't 'wasted' either!!!!!