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Friday, May 04, 2007

F.I.S.H. ing

Wed I got to do this....cut up my fishie fabric....
the one that started the FISH acronym....
aptly named, doncha think? I just happen to have the same Triangle Ruler that Ms Rosenthal has in her One Block Wonder book you see there. Normally I don't get special tools for just one method/pattern, but I have made many Kaleidoscope blocks/quilts. I love them. Thus the 'special' tools...I have the flower pins too.
The Fox is framed and hung. Ashley made this foxy animal way back in 9th grade[?]
He doesn't look that big in this second photo, but he is. On top of the bookcase is some of our pinecone collection with fake pineneedle pranches.Ashley wanted Red hair on the under side half of her amazing amount of hair.
Ben helped her with it. How many brothers do that?


  1. Nice before. After pic, please

  2. I will take a picture of them later today. Right now I am assembly-line sewing them, so they are in pieces. Not much to look at.

  3. Na!! I wanted to see Ashley's hair!

  4. ohhhhhhhh.........ok, I posted it for you!