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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

And I quote....

"Thank you! This is an important contribution to the quilting world. Every quilter should know that there is finally a name for this condition!" from Flippytale Quilter

So I guess F.I.S.H can be added to the roster of acronym's for quilting? Terms like WIP and TOT and WOF.....not to mention my fave...FQ!


  1. I know TOT and WIP, but what is WOF? White on...Fabric? Work of Fantasy?

  2. I'm didn't know either and had to look up TOT & WOF
    (tone on tone, width of fabric)

  3. lol....I started BOB too...Beginners Only Block swap, so it should really read BOB'S, but I can live with it.