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Saturday, May 05, 2007

While surfing

I happened to open this page a moment ago..... and there was this photo of embroidery thread. Boy, talk about a flashback....when I was a teenager, my mom gave me a christmas gift I will never was a box full of perle cotton in the hank....a rainbow of colors.....I have loved boxes of color ever since! ie; a box of crayons, a wall of yarn, a rack of threads.....


  1. Such pretty photos! I do love seeing all those colors neatly lined up. That's how I organize my stash - rainbow order - and my pencils, crayons, and Sharpies, and anything else that comes in pretty colors! Just can't help it =)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. There is something calming about colors lined up isn't there?

  3. Flippy...I don't mind the colors messed up, like the pens in a jar, but it's sure easier on the eye to see them in some order!

    Like Juliann says..."more claming""calming"