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Friday, April 20, 2007

Fabric and Book

I got this book from the library the other day. I am no stranger to the Stack n Whack method of fabric cutting for Kaleidoscopes, which is basically what Ms. Rosenthal does with her fabrics. But I had never thought of using a print with a limited color palette and then arranging them the way she does in the book. So that got my juices flowing.....I really wanted to try this.... So I got some of this from Megans fave color right now is "Onnge", so that was part of the inspiration, the other part is that this is bright. I like bright.
I havent' purchased fabric, other than FQ's, in a verrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy longggggggggg timeeeeeeeee.........I also haven't been jazzed this much to sew in a very long time.

I also got the book about making your own quilting studio workable. So that lead to getting books for Dan about making cabinets for me. I have an idea for a design wall/shelving unit that I want to get right, thus the need for books for Dan. ...and me.

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