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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Smaller World

Ok, Christine 'took' me up on the challenge of photographing the items on her kitchen window sill....she has something I have too. This ceramic hand. Now lets face it folks, not many people have one of these, right? It's a soap dish, or supposed to be. Its cast from the real hand of the artist. I bought it from her in the 70's?, at an art fair, in the park in Berkeley California.
Mine holds up the lights that decorate my bathroom. here is the large cup, for Dads toothbrush stuff, that Steph made in ceramics, the tea cup we use for a cat water dish, and the hand.

These are things in my bathroom. Christine.
oh...and this little girlie was in the bathroom too.
Finger on chest..."me" take a picture of me GeeGee.


  1. what a face! That little girl's not so little anymore, huh?

  2. I have a ceramic hand in my bathroom, too. It is affixed to the wall and serves as a towel holder near the sink. My towel holder/hand wears a ring.
    I bought it in Old Sacramento in the 80s. I searched online to find the new one for our kitchen.

  3. Dorothy you are correct as usual...Megan is not so little anymore...and is having a growing spurt...eats like crazy these days.