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Saturday, April 21, 2007


I was working on this quilt top earlier and came across this detail....the pies top crust is can click and enlarge the picture to see it better. I think that is way cool that the maker of this row took the time to add that....I might have skipped that detail myself. That is a row from the Row Robin swap I mentioned a while ago. More on it soon....
soon as I finish the quilt....
That is Stephanie's Flan....or attempt at making one. She forgot the pan of water for it to sit in. Still eatable, just not a smooth and creamy texture.
And this is Ashley 'pretending' to be enjoying it, because this was an extra credit sorta thing for Steph's Spanish class....I always thought Flan was French.
This is Thread, I kid you not. When I upgraded my Pfaff over a year ago, I was told by the helpful sales associates to get good thread for the machine. So all the C & C brand I had got crammed into a gallon size baggie with no room to spare for another thread...*smirk*....and went to Bens house with the old machine. [all 3 kids can sew, all 3 kids make quilts]
Finally, one day over a week ago, I remembered The Bag Lady carried the Presencia brand of threads. I LOVE the Perle cottons they make, so I decided to get the sewing thread too. And look , it comes in sampler packs. Price is the same as each spool would be, but the agony of trying to pick which color, is solved for you.
Now that Page's pups have left the nest, I guess she felt that sleeping up against Megan would have to fill the mothering in her.
Page is the dog. Megan is the child.
In case there is any confusion.

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