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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Christine left a comment about having taken art classes at CCAC in the 1960's and I think that is so cool, and a small world!

Both my parents went to college at CCAC [California College of Arts and Crafts, as it was known way back then] and thats where they met. Then years later, when I was in 4th grade, Mom went back to CCAC. When I was a teen, I spent every summer there at Summer School. Again, years later, Dad was there in the woodworking shop, re-making our dining room table, when he had a fatal heart attack. Sad. But fitting, since CCAC was such a big part of our lives. Friends from the college finished the table for mom....

Yes Christine, take pix of your favorite things around your house and blog them. It's fun.


  1. Funny, when I was college-bound CCAC was one of the places I seriously considered. I ended up closer to home though.

    Amazing how an institution can literally compose a family and nurture you all throughout your lives and beyond. That is beautiful.

  2. I took up your challenge Vicky. I took a picture of my kitchen window shelf and the objects thereon.
    Perhaps others will do this also.