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Monday, April 16, 2007

Lots of Things

These blurry pix are of an airplane quilt I made long ago.
{the pattern is from the Quilters Cache }
I didn't like the first way I had put it together, so I changed it. Since it was done up as a duvet cover, that was easy, I didn't have to take apart any quilting. I lay it on the floor to show Dan, and the dogs were on it before the dust settled. The back is done up with scraps. Steph doesn't like it. Wah. I explained to her that every fabric on that quilt meant something to me, from my love of Fossil Ferns {fabric line} to HER love of dragonflies....even tho she has grown past that.
This tree shaped thing was the quilting template for the Dandy House-Warming-Quilt. Since you can't really see the quilting on the quilt without the correct squint-lighting-tounge position, which is hard to photograph, I thought I'd just show you the thing I traced onto the quilt. And since I took it's picture on the fish-dish-spoon-rest, I figured I might as well show you the rest of my kitchen sink area.

Can't say I don't make use of things. The big "A" mug, made by Ashley, holds paintbrushes. Don't you keep yours behind your kitchen sink?
The yellow vase {Ikea} is the water-bottle-dryer-thus-the-sticks-sticking-out-of-it.
The red dish is a whats-it you can bake in, but it was the right shape for the area I wanted it for.
The stained glass items, by Ashley also.
The mug, from Starbucks one year.
And the clay bird.....That was once part of a really large clay mural that graced an outside wall at CCAC*. When it was taken down, and apart, pieces were given to the staff of which my Mother was one of. I have had that since the 1980's.
*CCAC is short for California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland California. It has since changed it's name to California College of the Arts. Its the Oakland Campus. I spent many summers there going to summer school, since Mom worked there.

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  1. I really like all your whatnots, especially the clay bird. I took some classes at California College of Arts & Crafts in the 1960s.

    What a good idea for a blog -- taking pictures of special things around your house. I might try it. I don't have to point my camera at messy areas. :-)