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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Strange Sightings

I have been Blog-Read and commented on by none other than The Monster Crochet-er hersl=elf!....ummmm....herself.....ummmm.....maybe that little slip of the keys is not Freudian....maybe Ladylinoleumis really an Elf....who knew?

Anyway, I thought maybe mentioning CCAC would bring a response or 2....and I was "correct as usual, King Friday"....ok, so I can't let go of Mr. Rogers, gimme a break.

Anyway, you really should check out M. C.'s blog because she crochets some of the most interesting items. Afghans? nope. Hats? nope. Bikinis? closer....she designs and crochets things like Meat, Bacon, Eggs, bat wings......I kid you not Robin, she even has a Turkey Bag pattern.....Big enough for Mr. Bean to get his head stuck into!

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