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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Quilty Things!

3 blocks of branches for cherry blossoms for a group quilt. The pink things are the blossoms, some of them are pinned to the tin cushion that I blogged about a while ago.

Which leads me to the new cushions I made yesterday for more tins. The moon is supposed to be round....LOL And this colorful circle is the start of a wallie for my MIL. It's a pattern from EQ6 called Rick Rack II Stephanie picked the fabric and colors...from my stash.

This picture of ice cream is from a Row Robin swap from a few years ago. I really dislike my row, which you won't see here, but love the other rows made by others!!! I couldn't resist adding some color to the redwork block, and will color the others.....then change the blocks to a Round Robin.

The rows of blocks. Tho the bottom row is not all in this picture.


  1. Interesting blocks in that swap! I've never done a row one, only round robin.

    The Rick Rack II looks like it will be round when you trip it. Love the colors she picked!

    I think her pot is pretty cool, too.

  2. That sunburst circle is fabulous!

  3. The cherry blossoms are darling. How are they made?