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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Comment answers

Dorothy my row is one you don't see...I will take a picture of it later and show you why I don't want to use it as is.

Susan the row robin is the same...well, you don't attach the rows as you pass it along, so ok, it's different. I am glad I have it this way so I don't have to chop out my work. And~ Steph says the insect on the pot is a scarb beetle....I will tell her you like it!

Granny Fran..I can't remember what your comment is....[insert crooked grin]

As for generic stuff....why is it when you install a virus protection program, the computer gets a virus and you have to start all over???? Now I have to start all over with my bookmarks...

And...why is it when a dog fight breaks out IN THE HOUSE, all you can find is your coffee to throw on the snarling pooches? Why a dog fight? you say. Well there's mama dog with 3 pups and older daughter dog who tested mama dog. Guess i should call it what it was...Bitch Fight....

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