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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Stephanie made this large vessel in ceramics class this last trimester. It has something to do with a band she likes, like I can remember which one...maybe Saosin?...anyway, the guitar bodies stick out like handles...or ears....and the light bulb is whole on this side and broken on the other, way cool! I am not sure what species of insect that is.

See the broken bulb? The glaze is supposed to be black, and does look darker in room light, but you know how the flash on a camera is. Steph really liked this class, along with her other faves, math and chemistry, and plans to take Ceramics II next year. This last tri, she has drawing, which she is not looking forward to, but I am going to mention "drawing pictures for pottery" babble to inspire her.

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  1. The bug looks like the pinch beetles I see in the forest in Arizona. =) Perfect rendition. I *do* like this pot.