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Sunday, February 25, 2007

I Sewed! & Tin Cushions

This is a block I test-sewed for Marcia, over at the Quilters Cache, a looooonnnnngggg time ago. I came across it the other day and decided it would be perfect for Our Kitchen, that is orange. So I sewed on some border, sandwiched it, will quilt it, then hang it. For proof #2, I trimmed the Dandy Block House Warming Wallie, added the binding, and am in the process of hand sewing it down on the front. Thought you needed to see the backing fabric I used.
And of course you needed to see the Cat, who doesn't need straightening....does he Dorothy?
Last, but not least, is my Tin Cushion. Susan left a comment asking to see this work of useful art. I used a Jelly Belly Tin for this one, which was the first BTW, a scrap of fruity fabric, etc. If you look really close, you can see the dust on it, or just be happy looking at the bit of batt that got stuck.
And there on the inside of the lid it the magnet, with some big ass needles on it! In it are a variety of things...a button made by my brother about 35 years ago!, some charms, and a basketball hoop....A What??? you say. It came with some toy and I will use it someday on a wallie!
I have made other tincushions, as gifts to fellow quilters, from other tins, round and rectangle, used a variety of magnets in them [some from off the fridge!] and made the cushion from scraps of the fabric I had used in the block I made for the gift-ee. [block swaps] Oh, and I just stuff the cushion with batt or fiberfill.


  1. Love your orange block! That'll look great in the kitchen.

    Thanks for the pics of the tincushion. I don't have a jelly belly tin. That's one I'm missing. =) But I do have others. I'll give this a shot. I was thinking about gathering it and gluing it on that foamy stuff, but maybe I'll find a good magnet to use as a base instead.

    Thanks for the ideas~!

  2. I like your tincushion. Would you please post some basic directions?

  3. Your orange block is fabulous!

    And the tin cushion? Just brilliant.

  4. Since I collect tins, I love the idea of a tin cushion. I'll have to see what I can do with my black and white Penquin tin.

  5. Granny Fran...take a picture of the Penquin tin! I have a Curious George tin, same size as the others, that I should make a Yellow Hat pin cushion for...LOL