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Saturday, February 24, 2007

I feel the need...

the need to sew! sew what? you say. sew anything! I have not touched a needle for a very long time. the un-packing can wait. still unpacking? you say. YES. I like to give myself a little time for somethings to decide where they need to go before I unpack them. I got our garden tub un-loaded yesterday while looking for my iron....never found the iron, but the tub is ready to scrub. I am thinking it will make a great 'pool' for us and Megan this summer, since she is not yet keen on cold, cold water.I had a flash-moment while typing this....I put the iron in the 'animal' cupboard way back in the un-packing, so that does it, I am going to sew!
why the picture of the Green Light House? you say. Because one day I called it the Green House....snicker snicker snicker....I need to record my laugh for my funny moments!


  1. You are unpacking smart! I hope you have some fun sewing, though. The soul needs refreshing every once in a while. =)

    Do you have a picture of one of those tincushions somewhere? I have a friend who puts them inside the tin, and they are darling, but not what I want, so if I see a picture, maybe I can do this. I like the magnet idea, too. Thanks!

    Your Megan is just darling - love the pic with the puppy. It's just sweetness personified.

  2. I've got pleeeeeeanty for you to sew. Just say the word and I'll send pounds of UFO's to you. THANKS for the offer, :) Alexis

  3. Why is the iron in the animal cupboard? In case you need to straighten those cats out? ;o)

  4. Susan, the tincushions are un-veiled.

    Alexis, we could swap UFOs.

    Dorothy, well the iron was in a box I was unpacking in the kitchen, so I stuck it in the cupboard for safe keeping. I have tried flattening out the cats tails on occasion, would that count? Precious, the Velcro Cat, likes it on the warm ironing board, and Rocket, the Giant Orange Cat, takes UP the ironing board.