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Friday, January 26, 2007

Tagged? Moi?

Ok, so I have been "tagged"....not exactly sure what it "means", but I will go along with it for now....only because I have to find things that are Weird About Myself, and I DO WEIRD very well, just ask my family. Thank You, I think, Michelle for including me!

1. I make up strange sing-songs as I go along during the day, like 'the tub in the dryer goes round and round' [keeping it clean here folks]

2. Sense of Humor is weird. Stephanie once said, about friends at school, "Mom, nobody gets our jokes, No Body!" [then she found someone who does and hangs onto her for dear life...]

3. I can only remember of all the jokes I have heard over the course of 50 years.

4. I don't listen to music. Except when others have it on. And then I want it off.

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