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Friday, January 26, 2007

The clouds went away today. You can see the sun shining on my new sink. It's hard to tell the depth of the left side, but suffice it say I could bathe Megan in it with the water up to her armpits, sitting down. The DW is so new....Dan took that cupboard out to put the DW in. My have to build up the floor under it a bit, looks kind of short.
And now for the Blurry Bunch. This is the less-costly laminate flooring we purchased for the bedrooms, since they aren't high traffic areas, and lets face, why learn something new on expensive stuff, right?? This flooring looks great!!! not that you can tell....the piece in front of the doorway is a temp, to keep the edges of the boards there at the door from getting dinged.
This is a really nice red, but see the funny spots at the floor? Thats where the layers of primer and paint, and, in some places, even the vinyl part of the wallpaper, came off when Stephanie pulled out the carpet. [this is Ashleys room and she was going to keep the carpet, but we changed her mind when we found more of the same laminate we used in the other 2 bedrooms.]
And these are Stephs colors, black and blue....smirk. She worked carefully to get the look just right when she put up the tape....we are thinking of putting another tape over the lines and botched areas. Dan had some shiny alum tape Steph liked, not sure how costly, but that is the idea she wants to go with.


  1. Beautiful! I love Ashley's red room. So cozy looking. Are the pictures fuzzy 'cause your hands were shaking from excitement?

  2. I love watching your progress! Ah, home sweet home!!! Alexis