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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Final Week....

Steph did this curly-q. There was a door thingie on the wall that came off when she tried to remove JUST the tape, so she painted the spot left behind! The blue in her room is not 2 different hues, just looks that way to the camera. Ashleys room, non-blurry, but still hard to photograph!

This is the final week, and then we are going to be all moved! Or so Dan says.....The fencing is done at the new house, so I can take the dogs over anytime. I have the cat cage too, may have to take them one at a time, good thing I have only 2! I have the cat box located, washed out and ready for them since they are going to spend a few days being indoor cats while they get used to everything.

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