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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Echos in the Kitchen

My fabrics have been the easiest to move since they were already in buckets...well plastic shoe sizes boxes and some larger. You notice my machine is still here with me..... The video cabinet is packed but not un-attached from the wall....yes that is a quilt on the right. I have the Beach Blanket Bingo quilt on a pipe for window covering...we were 'naked' for a long time, since I washed & packed the curtains, but then we had the Big Wind and resultant power outage, so up went a quilt to make us 'feel' worked too!
This is a wooden box. My dad used them for nails and such out in his "Dads Saw" area of the carport....I can't remember what we used to call it, other than dads saw....anyway it was where his table saw and other wood working stuff was....he did most of the building on that house in the Berkeley Hills in 1948-49. I have 2 of these boxes and I have used them for spice 'racks'. Wonder what they will be in their 'next life'? I think I will seal them with acrylic stuff, for whatever we use them for.

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