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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sofa-King Has Left the Building

As we move right along.....the sofa has been removed from our house and gone to live at Bens. The room looks bigger now....maybe our next couch/sofa will be shorter than this last one, which was about 62 feet long.
I guess its appropriate that the picture of this little darlin' is sideways, because the TWO's are setting in with this munchkin. She calls me GG....she calls all older women GG. It's short, very short, for Great Grandma , for her Mamas Grandma. I have tried to get Megan to call me something other than GG, so she knows the difference, but to no avail. But sitting here looking at this picture, I guess I will just give in and let her call me GG [geegee] and think of it as me being a Great in good, wonderful, awesome, generous, huggable, loving, and funny.


  1. Sixty two feet long! We couldn't fit that in our house.
    Megan is darling.