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Thursday, May 18, 2006

phone bill rip off

I pinch pennies. I discovered the phone company is FLINCHING my pennies!!! 20 of them per call, at least. And that's even if NO ONE ANSWERS.....I am charged 20 cents just to hear a ring tone!

Ok, we live in a goofy area code area. My son's cell phone area code is different than mine. So for me it's a toll call, which is understandable. But it is costing me 20 cents just to have the call go thru to his phone, he/machine doesn't even have to answer it!!!!!!!!! As soon as the connection is made, 20 cents is smacked onto my bill!

You can bet there won't be random calls from me anymore! At least until he gets a land line, in which case he will have the same area code as me.

Here's the Goofy part: For him to call me across area code lines, it's FREE. For 123 to call 456, it's free. Free damn it! For 456 to call 123, it's a toll call. Not Free Damn it!! You can bet I have the kids ask all friends they call, to call back, at least the ones that cross lines.

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