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Friday, May 19, 2006

Music to my Ears

While waiting in the high school parking lot for Ashley today, I heard music. The school band is often practicing in the afternoon and its fun to listen to them. This time was different. I could hear the music get closer, the beating on the drums, the blowing on the horns. Finally I could see the first members of the band, the baton swirlers? they didn't have the batons today, followed by the flag bearer. They were coming up the hill in the parking lot, they marched around the 'loop' where I was parked, and marched right back down the hill again. Never missed a note or a beat. No one was huffing or puffing, it was great! And the music was great!

Ashley thinks they, the school marching band, are headed to Ireland next year??? Good thing I have one more child to go thru the next 3 years at the high school, gotta find out how the band does!

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  1. for someone who always tells us WE need to update....we've atually updated our blog since before your last entry! haha! i miss laughing about what's going on....even if i know about it's funny how you explain things on here...and pics are even better!