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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Kan't Knit

Seriously, I can not Knit. But I think I should try again. Why? Because I love the look of Knit.
I can Crochet like a madwoman, but it just doesn't look the same as Knitting.
Anyway, in the mean time I really like browsing thru Knit Blogs like this one. I love the links they include for the yarns like this one that is Pima Cotton and Modal...what the heck is modal??? So I went looking and it is "a fiber derived from beech wood chips." It's wood! And yet the link above says it's wonderful stuff....gotta try this!


  1. Thanks for the link, Vicky. I love your Pink quilt! I actually quilt, too, but put it on the backburner last year when I realized how much portable knitting was! :)
    Oddly enough, I can't bear to do handwork in quilting, but love to knit. I do have a few baby quilts coming up, but they'll be simple chenille quilts--nothing pieced. And definitely nothing with fabulously sharp points like yours. :) Very nice!

    p.s. You can learn to knit! It's just some sticks & string. :)

  2. I am in sync with you on the 'don't like this but love that'. I used to avoid the quilting part, until I found out that it's ok to make BIG stitches, then it got fun.
    I can hold a crochet hook, why not 2 sticks? Something just made me stick out my tongue about it.
    Yes knitting is portable, wonder if it's easier than cross stitching in public?