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Friday, January 20, 2006

Borders, Lights and Bread

The curvy borders are this much done!!
See that little piece of stray pink fabric on the right???
That is all that's left of the "main color"!!
Whew! Cuttin' it close there Stichr!
The weird looking stuff the borders are attached to is wrapping paper. That's what I sewed to. That will get removed of course, later. Then the borders will be stitched on top of other fabrics {applique} to square them up for the Pink quilt. Will they fit? Who knows. I don't care, I can just add blocks of fabric to the empty spots.
The other 'thing' in the top right corner is Page, my Jack Russell, my supervisor.

This is Rocket. Ben said he looked ashamed, so he took a picture. Not a single shot of Megan, who's toys you see, but one of the cat.
This is Ashley's first loaf of bread from her breadmaker!
{ok, it was the second, but I killed the yeast in the first one so it came out a small brick}
Last, I came across this photo taken by another family member,
who shall remain nameless only because I don't know who took it....
The lights on the Christmas tree, way cool.

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