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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Pink Progress

hummmmmm.......those wonderful 16+ inch blocks sure look lost on that queen size comforter. But with lots of borders and simple 8" squares of fabric, Pink of course, I should be able to make it fit. I plan to cover this comforter with these blocks, but am not sure yet if I will just sew the top to the comforter or to make a duvet cover of the top.....For now I need to get it big enough! I love these blocks, they were made for me by friends and I have blocks made by me for them in their quilts. Swapping is fun!
This is the collection of Pink fabrics....the big bucket used to be fuller! Proof that you can make use of your stash.
These pix are the border. Kind of hard to tell yet, but you can see I made use of wrapping paper for the paper piecing! {I even got this handy tip published in Quiltmaker Mag. a long time ago.}
The design I came up with has a curve to it which will them be appliqued to other fabric....wait til I get more done, it will make more sense.

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