Thursday, November 08, 2018

Whales Of Puget Sound, Southern Residents

My daughter heard the whales, Southern Resident Killer Whales, where on the west side of Vashon Island. We are on the west side of it too!
So off she went to take pix, she hoped! I will get better pix from her soon, but for now, the phone camera taking pix on camera camera.
Since her past years sidekicks are in school now, her niece, Granddaughter # 6, Griffyn, gets to be introduced to this activity. Looks like she is doing her part at the beach. Being a kid.

I have to admit that these clothes lines in what is now my sewing room, are fantastic!! I have 3 lines and 2 pipes running across the room. 
the green part under the wallies is blocked out mess
I can hang the WIP's, like the wallies, above.
And I can hang quilts [or backs, in this case] from them to take pix of.
forgot to rotate
I have all 7 [for 7 Grandchildren] of the quilts measured, and draped over the pipe lines, along with 5 of the 7 backs I have constructed so far. A couple of them, at least, need more fabric stitched to one end or a side to get them up to the correct measurement. 

That is the second pipe with quilts and backs.
These 2 backs, above and below, need more on the sides.  They were made from some fat quarter sets I have had for some time. So at least this part of them is matchy matchy.
This is back #6 in assembly mode, below.  
All blues. I was sent another box of fabrics, which included a lot of blue strips!  Perfect!
Thank You Karen, Deb and Diana for the fabrics!!

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  1. Whales ... how awesome. And I really like your design line set-up.

    But your Cat in the Batt header ... how long has it been up? It's awesome.