Friday, November 17, 2017

Daily Patch Is Done!

I realized, the other day, that I needed to finish this. To use!
[i also want to press out that center fold...that drives me cuckoo at quilt shows, those creases from folding] 
All the tags are attached at the bottom, like fringe. Love it!
I forgot to take a separate photo of the back, to show the satin ribbon I used for the hanging sleeve. It is there. Hand stitched on, of course, as all of the panel is.
For fun, I marked things in the picture.
( )- is for the fan blades in a blurr.
Green O- glass tube for the hanging 'rod', 
was my mom's for whatever reason she had it for.
*- the satin binding is from my neighbor,
 who found it in the 'new' sofa she bought.
X- the 'hooks' holding up the driftwood are actually door knockers we put in upside down. This side a dragonfly, the other a 'trowel'.
Big blue O- a mushroom bead glued to an upholstery 'pin', pushed through the covered foam insulation panel and into the sheet rock. {That is how we 'hung' up 2 of the 'design wall' panels I have in our living room.}
<- b=""> that's my husband. 
This is how the room really looks at the moment.
An unblocked scarf. After blocking I will stitch it into a circle. 
Another rug I am stitching up to use the yarn.

 I mended some knees and pocket areas for my daughter and her girls.
Jeans and leggin's.  Them leggin' knees are tight in small sizes!  After I wrestled it over the free arm on my machine, I realized it would end up a mess doing it that way. So I hand mended those knees. 

Tree lights are out,  to see what works and what doesn't.  
I will be creating a new tree for this year. 

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