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Monday, June 13, 2016

The 22nd Week

Of this year started out with a Birthday and ended with a Wedding!
My daughter has always liked the number "22", and her first 2 girls were born on a 22, but not the 3rd.  This year #3 gets to be a "22" also.  And we feel the Groom and Bride will be favored with the same Karma.
I say Groom first because he is my son. I now have another daughter also.
I played with this photo...
Groom and Dad of groom. 
Bride and her Dad. {My granddaughter had the camera.}

The lovely madrone tree beside the Hood Canal, WA

The Bride's Father, the Groom's Mother, the Bride's Sister.
Toasting....though I was was HOT that day and in that building.


Ben, the Groom, made the Cupcake Tree, the "Thumbprint" Tree painting, and they both made the candles for the guest gifts.
Row 1.Groom with Pastor, Groom dau.'s Lily and Megan, flower girls!
Row 2. Devyn would NOT look at the camera. BTW, she was the bday girl
Row 3. Bobby, SO of Stephanie, also in yellow. 
Even though no tables were marked Brides family, etc, we ended up sitting together with family.
Grooms family at one table, Brides at another, and the wedding party at the center table.

It was the perfect day along the Hood Canal, hot with a nice breeze off the water. 
Everyone I talked to said, "this is so unusual for June, isn't it??"
So week 22 ended perfectly for our family!

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