Monday, May 30, 2016

Trees and Birthdays

part one down, the bush to the right
The next door neighbor and ourselves decided some tree-age should be removed to give the "hedge" that grows between us a chance to grow and be beautiful. 
There is at least 1 snowball, 3 holly, 1 forsythia, 2 mock orange, and what ever else I have forgotten, growing in that hedge.  The tree was preventing sun down into the lower regions.  My only concern was any nesting birds in the tree.  I still don't know if there were any.
and the rest of it
There have been overcast days for awhile, but the sun came out to smile on us that next morning!

And look....sun in the sewing room window!!!!!!!!!
There have only been dapples in the past on that eastern side.

Then the guys started on the front trees.  This oak ? was getting out of hand. Had to leave one trunk because of the way it is leaning.  Oh and some of the trees/bushes were being strangled by ivy as are the trees in the property below us.

But the best part is, today is another birthday.....not this one, this is Avery sailing on an orca, she had her 5th bday last week, but no picture.
Today's was this little miss.  Our GD #5.  
She is now 3 years old! This is an old picture, just grabbed it.

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