Friday, March 25, 2016

Purple and Black with White All Over

What is it? A hat with dog hair, white dog hair. I spent an hour picking it off. 
The hat for my son-in-law has been in the making for months...MONTHS.
It is now completed.  
I love love love the swirl this pattern makes at the beginning.
I tried to start in the black, but I couldn't see the stitches well enough.  
The purple was just light enough to make that easier.
The yarn is Valley Yarns Northfield.  It is wonderful to work with!!  No splitting of the yarn.  Easy weight to hold between fingers. And washable.
I was going to add a ribbing at the bottom, but it was just too stretchy!  Even skipping stitches on the base [the hat] was not going to work.  It looks good though, that's why I am showing it to you. 
Look at the price on the hook.  I have had it for ages!
Another WIP, the Freebird pillow cover, got some crochet made for it too. 
A mini doily. Now where to place
...or here...
....or here?....
Yes!  that is the spot!  I also added a bit of stitching to the other circle in the photo.
Another WIP is this coffee stained scrap.  
there was some salt on the scrap from the first attempt, which was a washout, literally.
Just a bit of experimenting. It is actually darker than the photo's show.

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