Thursday, March 31, 2016

Granddaughter Art

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Daughter Ashley was here yesterday to help with garden chores, now that Spring has Sprung. She brought her oldest, Rhiley, 6,  with her. I had just the activity for her!  Color an elephant, of course.  This is the screen print Valori Wells made and generously gave me.  There were enough prints on the half yard of fabric, to share with all the GrandGirls and then some. Rhiley tried all the different pens, crayons and colored pencils I have.  She found that the crayons worked really well on the linen fabric.  And then....I got out the metallic pens for her to try. Bingo!  
{This won't be washed, so I wasn't worried about colorfastness.}
Here is my version of the same elephant....well, actually there were 2 different prints.  I think Valori actually used these designs in a fabric collection in the past.
Anyway.  I will be using 2 of them.  
We watched a Discovery channel sort of program a few weeks ago that made a real impact on me. More on that as I progress.
Rhiley climbed on the windowsill just as I shot this one.
 Freebird is Done.  The pillow I was constructing. All stitched and given away. To Ashley.
The back of the embroidered part
The weather has been really nice.
I had to add this shot....of 5 eagles.  Can't see them, unless you have spots on your screen like I do.
A plant from last year is still with us AND blooming!

Thank You Devyn.  GG#5, 2 yo.

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