Thursday, September 24, 2015


So I do have some needlework in the works.  But just in case one of the kids should stop by here, I will wait to show you.
For now, Toast. Grilled to a tasty charcoal flavor.  
And check out the Honey Do...
Supply List
~ misc saved parts from other lamps/light fixtures.
~one broken floor lamp.
~one good table lamp, but a bit short.
~one pen lid. Dan has learned to look on the kids "activity table" for tid bits.
Cost~ nothing was purchase for this lamp in particular.

Put it all together, with or without swearing, and TA DA...You have a floor lamp that FITS your needs. Well, in this case, my needs.

See the pen cap?  I think he chose a lovely color for it!  And it is big enough to grasp easily. 

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