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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Wholey Guacamole

I haven't posted in weeks....weeks!!
Last week, the biggest girl in this melee of squeals, turned 9. Megan.
Which means that it's been 9 years since I was tumbled into another faze of life. 
Grandmother.  Better known as Gup these days thanks to the second addition, Lily.
The current count is Girls= 5 Boys= 0.
You should hear it around here when the clan gathers...and yes we do gather.  I get worn out, but I love that we still get together!  We have more family. My brother who cut himself off for reasons of his own, nieces who still stay in touch, thankfully.  Dan's side of the family....his mother lives near by, we see her too.  His sister in California....

I am trying to keep my kids and their kids close. We had even try to include Ben's exwife and hers, and now she has remarried, so the clan does grow!!  
Ben now has a significant other who mothers the 2 older girls so I can go back to being GoofyGup.

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