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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Giddy Feeling

Judy Martin commented on my last post....

"I liked it in the hoop too.
I wonder if you could stitch a circle around it - like a hoop - to get back that contained basket feeling."

When someone I admire leaves me a comment, it makes me Giddy.  Like looking at color, which I commented on here and Lesley Turner commented back...

You got your movie stars, I got mine.

Back to Judy's comment....I had not even thought of putting this CircleWeave into a different sort of circle!
So while mulling it over, which I do very well thank you, I noticed the squiggly tree out the window.  It's a willow, a Curly Willow tree that I won't even bother giving you a link for because it might change fate and give us bad juju root trouble.
So I talked my husband into taking 5 minutes and cutting some branches for me, 
since it needed trimming anyway. 
Then I wove, wrapped, and poked the pliable small branches into a circle shape.
 I clipped the weave to it and pulled some of the tails through with the crochet hook.
Will it stay this way?  Not sure. 
 I like it much more than in the man-made hoop, but not sure if the willow branches will stay friendly.
Different project.  I thought this one was done, long time ago.  But as it hung on the wall looking at me, I grew to dislike the squirrel didn't stand out enough! {and it needed some more blue sky wiggles between the tail and body}  So I have been mulling over different 'treatments' to make it gray and visible.  This little bit of sheer is the first layer....
The ToilePathway, below, is progressing.
Some gold-ish silk and green gauzy bits woven in....

all pix are enlargeable, just click um 
....and more yellow-y silk added to the sky area....

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