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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Thread and Aprons

While searching for thread storage ideas, I came across this one.  Simple. Easy to make. 
I was looking for ways to match up bobbins with their thread spools.
Oh Sweetie Pie.....

 For small bodies. 
 Ashley asked me to make aprons for her 2 older girls. She bought the fabric and ribbon for the ties and I finally got them whipped up today.  I made them the same way I used to make aprons for sale. Except smaller of course.  And I added a piece of flannel inside for a little more protection from stains.

And I finally found the 'portrait' option, to make a collage in Picasa, without cutting off Lily's head.  
Yes she is wearing both aprons in these shots.

Ahh the things it takes years to finally figure out.... 

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